Women's Ministries Emphasis Day 2023

Euro-Asia Division | ESD WM | Akseniya Liberanskaya | June 20, 2023

Women in Russia celebrate WM Emphasis Day by nurturing church members and reaching out to the community.

Women across Russia led Sabbath services and held seminars celebrating Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day using resource packet for 2023, “A Love That Precedes One’s Choices” (also the title of the sermon). The packet included the seminar, “A Love That Transforms.”

The divine service was led by women in the church community of Petrovskoye. The program featured a children’s story and inspiring sermon from the resource packet, and glory was given to the Lord in their own poems and musical presentations. “The service held in a blessed atmosphere for the glory of God,” reports a participant.

The women of Psebay City Church were thankful for the sermon preached during the divine service. Later the afternoon seminar caused a lively discussion. The day’s events also included a celebration program, “A Cup of Tea,” for the 90th birthday of one of the women of the members. Visitors joined the activities that day, well as former church members, and even a Chief Executive. 

The women of an unnamed church also gave thanks for the material from the resource packet. A participant reported that the sermon “touched their hearts.” During the divine service, the congregation praised the Lord by reciting the hymn of love from 1 Corinthians. Afterward they enjoyed a lunch and sisters’ fellowship, followed by the seminar. The services and activities of the day were meaningful and “brought us closer together and filled our relationship up.”

Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day was also held in the congregations of Krasnodar 4 and Korenovsk. “We praised God everything went well,” said the leader in Korenovsk.

Photo credits: ESD WM
Contributed by Akseniya Liberanskaya, Women's Ministries director for Euro-Asia Division (ESD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q3