Women's Ministries retreat in Newe Shalom, Israel


Friendship retreat attracts friends of church members

One participant makes decision to fully accept Jesus as her Savior and is baptized the following Sabbath.

Israel Field (IF)

[Israel] An appealing and uplifting theme to the Israel Field Women’s Ministry Friendship retreat “Come to the Springs” inspired 65 participants and seven non-church members in beautiful Newe Shalom, Israel, for three and a half days in September 2017.

Retreat participants connected easily with the energy, humor, and creativity of guest speakers from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Raquel Arrais, Women’s Ministries associate director, and Katia Reinert, Health Ministries associate director.

Reinert’s tips for being healthy during her lectures struck a chord with listeners. Arrais’ sermons inspired and motivated attendees to become wellsprings of water, bubbling with love and encouragement, to minister to believers and to form relationships with non-believers—which overflows into the glory of God and the expansion of His kingdom.

Delightful activities such as health checkups, cooking classes, prayer sessions, morning exercises, even the reflection garden’s solitude and swimming added to the warm atmosphere of congeniality throughout the weekend.

The celebration of the Sabbath in Israel demonstrated the joy of fellowship with God and with each other. It was awesome. The messages heard from our guest speakers stirred our hearts with passion to lift up God’s Word as the ultimate guide in this journey called Life.

Indeed, each participant came and was satisfied by the Spring of Living Water—Jesus Christ. The retreat sealed the decision of a participant to fully accept Jesus as her Savior. She was baptized the following week. All glory to God!

This retreat was organized by the devoted and diligent Women’s Ministry director of Israel Field, Nina Usacheva.

Reported by Milagros Corpin Mendez of Israel

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Spring 2018