Women make up ninety percent of the church members in China. The majority of our women are looking for knowledge, not only for Biblical understanding, but also for knowledge in leadership skills, speaking skills, people skills. They want training in how to nurture the spiritual growth of women in their centers of influence and in how to begin successful outreach projects.

Our church leaders are so grateful for the four-level Leadership Certification curriculum produced by General Conference Women's Ministries. This training curriculum meets their needs. Twenty-one sisters will complete all four levels of Leadership Certification by Jan 13, 2021.

When we compare these twenty-one women with the large population of China, they are like a little drop of water in the big ocean. However, this small group has the vision, passion, and mission to start and maintain Women's Ministries in their own areas of influence. They want to be the spark of fire that lights up the whole field.

I would like to conclude with the words in one of the letters that Mrs. Ellen G. White sent to Mrs. Sarepta M. Irish Henry, encouraging her as the first director of women's ministry at the General Conference in 1898.

“If we can arrange . . . to have regularly organized companies intelligently instructed in regard to the part they should act as servants of the Master, our churches will have life and vitality such as have been so long needed.”