A Call to Tell
A Ministry to Love

Prison Ministry in Bolivia Leads to Baptism

Prison Ministries have brought many results and many stories of love. In November 2007, God showed me that I should visit Dr. Gladys Flores at the rehabilitation center because we needed to renew our identification cards. These cards were required in order to enter the prison to do our ministry. When I went to the center and asked for Dr. Gladys, the man at the door gave me a cool reception. I asked God for help and went through the necessary formalities. While waiting for her, I walked down the hall, where I met a very kind man, the Director of Migration.

While we talked, I mentioned the reason I came; and he explained that on that day they would be participating in the pachamama, a typical Bolivian ritual to worship the goddess of the earth. Because of this special event, I could not talk with Dr. Gladys, but I made a later appointment.

When we did meet, I gave her information about our church, and told her of all the work we had been doing in the prison for the last three years. She was moved when she heard of our efforts. She asked many questions. However, I took the opportunity to talk about the pachamama. Dr. Gladys was surprised that I knew she was involved in those rituals. Talking further with her, I read some Bible verses. We prayed together, and I appealed to her to get to know Jesus; gladly, she accepted.

After five months of Bible study, Dr. Gladys accepted Jesus as her personal savior. She experienced problems at work, including death threats, but God protected her. Because of this and God's guidance she was lead to resign, despite all the appreciation and support that she had from those she had helped.

Soon she was baptized, with her husband's and children's support. Today she works in the immigration department, in a private office.

Our ministry at the rehabilitation center is not finished yet. We have land donated by the government, and we have been asked to build a new Seventh-day Adventist rehabilitation center. Yes, God is leading us in our ministry, and God can lead you. Just have faith!

-Source: SAD WM/Testimony by Sandra Catherine Molina Urdininéa