Women in the Bible.......and Me

Suggestions for Small Group Study

The Bible study Women in the Bible and Me, prepared for GCWM, is a powerful tool for personal and small group Bible study. Each lesson features a different woman in the Bible, presenting different aspects of Christian life. Here are some ideas on how to use these lessons in a small group:

PRAYER: Open the study session with a time of prayer.

READING FROM THE TEXT: Encourage all participants to read the prescribed text ahead of time.

DISCOVERY: This is to provide a framework for studying about the character. What is the setting, time, the culture, the background? What did the text mean to those to whom it was originally written? What does it say about Jesus and God's character?

WORDS FOR TODAY: Encourage participants to apply the discoveries to their own lives.

QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION: Encourage sharing of members' personal stories and experiences.

Women in the Bible and Me is available through the Review and Herald and your local Adventist Book Center.


"Take the Bible, and on your knees plead with God to enlighten your mind. If we would study the Bible diligently and prayerfully every day, we should every day see some beautiful truth in a new, clear, and forcible light."

--Review and Herald, March 4, 1884. {CSW 22.2}

Prayer Corner

  • Women involved with literacy projects
  • Small group Bible studies
  • Oppressed women and children around the world



  • September 8: International Literacy Day
  • September 21: International Day of Peace
  • October 1: Devotional Book Deadline