How to start

  1. Invite women who are interested in learning methods of outreach to a seminar. Help them identify their spiritual gifts and calling. Discuss ways they can be involved in evangelism.
  2. Use the  Outreach is for Everyone:  Women’s Ministries Evangelism  Manual. This training program covers 15 topics and can be used for a weekend of training to help women share the love of Jesus.

The Goals of Empowerment Ministry

  1. To train, equip, and prepare each woman to be a witness to the power of the gospel.
  2. To encourage each woman to step out in faith as she witnesses.
  3. To motivate women to support and participate in the evangelistic programs of her church.
  4. To encourage churches to involve women in evangelistic outreach.

The Benefits of Empowerment Ministry

  • Women will discover the many ways one may witness.
  • More women will be trained and empowered to participate in sharing the gospel.
  • Churches will encourage and value the contribution of women to evangelism.

 Helpful Materials

 Outreach is for Everyone:  Women’s Ministries Evangelism Manual  contains:

  • 15 seminar topics for the presenter
  • 15 PowerPoint presentations that illustrate the topics
  • Handouts for the women who attend

This material is available FREE at our web site: