Taken from http://www.beliefnet.com/Love-Family/2010/04/10-Lessons-About-Lasting-Friendship.aspx?p=5, accessed July20, 1010.  “Top-Ten List for Accountable Friendships” taken from the “For Every Woman” leadership development unit, “Creating One on One Connections:  Nurturing Community” by Karen Yancey



  • “At every work of mercy, every work of love, angels of God are present. Those
    who live nearest to heaven will reflect the brightness of the Sun of Righteousness.”
    Ellen White. Manuscript 55, 1901.


  • There is need of personal labor for the souls of the lost. In Christlike sympathy we should
    come close to men individually, and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life. Ellen White. A Call to Stand Apart, p. 24.


Prayer Corner

  • Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day
  • enditnow Campaign
  • For the WM new leaders around the world
  • Heather-Dawn Small's travel to ECD, NAD
  • Raquel Arrais' travel to WAD, IAD


  • August 9  International Day of the World's Indigenous People
  • August 27  Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day