WM Leadership Training in Austria

Inter-European Division (EUD)

[Austria] A group of 28 enthusiastic women and one man attended a weekend of seminars for Leadership Certification training, Level 1, in Mondsee, Austria, November 10-13, 2016.

While we are not quite sure what would happen if we opened the program for men in general, Csaba Török, pastor in Vienna, blended in well with the group atmosphere.

Pastor Török says, “I think Women's Ministries is very important. Before I attended the leadership training seminars I had no idea what Women's Ministries is really about. Now I have been to two seminars, and I would like to recommend to all my colleagues in the ministry to attend at least one level. Thus we will have greater appreciation for the work of the Women's Ministries department and what women in general do in our churches. I appreciate the work of the Women's Ministries department very much and am thankful for their efforts.”

Published in Mosaic, 2017 Q1