Ministering to disadvantaged people groups results in friendship and cheer for all

Women Ministries distributes food and clothing to the bushmen living in Botswana's settlements.

Southern Africa-Indian Division (SID)

[Botswana] The settlements where bushmen live in Botswana is a needy area. Adventist women regularly distribute food and clothing. When Heather-Dawn Small visited the settlements, she reported that the most significant highlight of the event was interacting with a young girl suffering from palsy and her grandmother who was the caretaker.

"The Women's Ministries (WM) motto in Botswana is 'To Love … To Care … To Serve,'” writes Susan WIlliams, director of WM in Botswana Union Conference. Adventist women in Botswana live the motto as they regularly take on projects and distribute food and clothing to disadvantaged people groups in partial fulfillment of the vision of WM. Relationships are developed as they minister to the residents.

Small, who is the director of WM at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC WM), was traveling in Botswana following a Botswana Union Conference WM congress, with the theme name, "Women of Virtue."

Photos by Heather-Dawn Small, world WM director

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Winter 2018


The elderly population is often forgotten or ignored, but not so in Botswana where a special luncheon for 250 elderly guests gives opportunity for Women's Ministries to show their compassion—and the representative of the President of Botswana commends the work of Women's Ministries.

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