Division WM departmental advisory

Southern Asia Division Women’s Ministries holds “Touch a Heart, Reach My World” departmental advisory

Southern Asia Division (SUD)

[India] The spectacular view of many colorful balloons rising higher and higher and floating off together in unity is an image not easily forgotten by the Women’s Ministries directors and leaders attending Southern Asia Division Women’s Ministries (SUD WM) advisory, February 1-4, 2017.

The balloon escape commemorated the recent 20th anniversary of the Department of Women’s Ministries of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC WM) which was organized and voted into existence in 1995. The anniversary occasion also included a presentation of the history of Women’s Ministries by Premila Masih, SUD WM director, and the honorary rituals of lighting a candle, reading Matthew 5:14-16, and the cutting of a cake by union WM directors. Raquel Arrais, associate director of GC WM, spoke about ministry for every woman. She compared the attendees to flowers and said, “God wants us to flourish in His mission.”

Other factors added a unique flair to the union departmental advisory. WM directors felt special when welcomed with garlands and flowers by the administrators of the Western India Union and Hume McHenry School, at which the meeting was held in Salisbury Park. They felt privileged when they discovered chairs were reserved with their names elegantly displayed. They felt cherished when they received surprise gifts each day. They felt important as they enjoyed a formal evening dinner at St Laurn hotel.

The advisory commenced with an inspiring devotional message by Pastor Eddy Johnson, husband of Erna Johnson, South Pacific Division WM director. Both Pastor and Mrs. Johnson were special guest speakers at the advisory. Mrs. Johnson spoke about impacting teenage girls and encouraged the directors to reach young girls before they become teenagers. Masih emphasized vision, mission, goals, and objectives, and introduced agenda items that had been included in the GC WM departmental advisory. Johnson gifted the WM leaders with a flash drive shaped like a butterfly, and also a memory stick containing all the resources presented at the advisory.

Women’s Ministries leaders and the people of Salisbury Park received a special Sabbath blessing. Everything was for the glory of God, including Arrais’s sermon entitled, “One Thing.” The closing ceremony included words of encouragement and blessing by Arrais and Mrs. Johnson. They covered each director with blue, green, and orange shawls and described the meaning of each color. Again, the women felt special and nurtured.

These leaders left rejoicing because they were unified in vision for the goals of SUD WM, equipped for ministry in their territories, and inspired to be daughters of God and servants of our Lord Jesus.

Contributed by Premila Masih, WM director, Southern Asia Division

Published in Mosaic, 2017 Q2