Women bring awareness of domestic violence during enditnow event in eastern Indonesia


Adventists Say No to Violence

Women's Minister of the government of Indonesia attends enditnow event on island of Papua

Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD)

[Indonesia] The Women’s Minister in the government of Indonesia released the balloons at an enditnow event on the island of Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

Meeting the needs of the community is the goal of Women’s Ministries (WM) in East Indonesia. Therefore, the WM directors of the Papua Mission and East Indonesian Union Conference (of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division) are organizing enditnow events to bring awareness of the problems of violence and abuse in the communities of Irian Jaya.

The large island of Papua is divided between two countries. The western side is Irian Jaya, Indonesia and the eastern side is Papua New Guinea where an active enditnow program is supported by Papua New Guinea Union Mission and the South Pacific Division.

Published in Mosaic, 2017, Q2