Friends and neighbors enjoy creative workshops with women at church

Women organize activities, even create a smartphone app, for Sabbath afternoon outreach to women and young girls in the community.

Trans-European Division (TED)

[Netherlands] Organizing creative workshops for Sabbath afternoon about three times a year at Alphen DC church provides the time and place for members to invite friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to join them in interactive experiences.

Lunch is provided, and everyone lingers in conversation. Creative activities, such as floral arranging and painting lessons, are guided by a guest gifted in the art.

A mobile phone app was created for the women of Alphen DC church, and it is shared with the women they invite to the afternoon workshops.

The first creative afternoon for young girls only (ages 12-20) became an opportunity for lunch, a biblical creative activity, and time to close the Sabbath together. This success of this themed event gave the women hosting the young girls the desire to host three creative workshops a year for them also. The girls are encouraged to invite their friends and neighbors.

Contributed by Madelon Comvalius, WM director, Netherlands Union Conference, Trans-European Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Winter 2018