Participants at Women's Ministries retreat in Paraguay are mission-minded.


Prayerful retreat motivates missionary-minded women for service

The testimony of a plucky participant inspires attendees to nurture new believers and members.

South American Division (SAD)

[Paraguay] Women in Paraguay are missionary-minded. “They do a very good job in their churches and in their groups [with nurturing for outreach],” reports Norma Valenzuela, leader of Women’s Ministries for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Paraguay. Speaking of the spiritual retreat held in Colonia Yguazú, June 2017, Valenzuela states, “We gather now to have a special moment with God and to motivate them to continue with the good work.” Retreats energize women through the opportunity for sharing experiences and testimonies, she adds.

The testimony of Rosa inspired attendees. Rosa was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to travel to the city of Lima, Peru to receive medical treatment. After surgery, radiotherapy, and many remedies, Rosa was eager to return to nurture activities in her little town of Nueva Esperanza, Paraguay, because she feels she is needed to continue her “missionary” work of nurturing members and new believers. “I give Bible studies and I’m coordinating small group meetings,” Rosa confirms. “I will continue with that work as God permits.”

Guest speaker, Dr. Silvia Scholtus, professor of theology at River Plate Adventist University in Argentina, challenged participants to serve in the mission of the church through evangelism.

Guests attending the event included the male sextet, Mensajeros del Rey, who uplifted the women through music, and Marli Peyerl, director of Women’s Ministries for the eight countries of the South American Division of Seventh-day Adventists headquartered in Brazil.

Contributed by Norma Valenzuela, WM director, Paraguay Union of Churches, South American Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Winter 2018