Women in Portugal get acquainted with the community

Women passing by are invited to join an afternoon tea and fellowship right there in the city park.

Inter-European Division (EUD)

[Portugal] Women’s Ministries of the Queluz Seventh-day Adventist Church, Lisbon, organized a free ladies’ tea at the local city park and invited women who were passing through the park to join them. The objective was to reach out to the women of the community and give them a moment to relax among church women.

A short message was shared, followed by music. A special prayer tent was set up in the park and inside was a prayer and gratitude notebook for all those who wished to write down their requests and praises. Every detail was planned to honor and glorify God.

“This experience was satisfying,” reports Dulce Mesquita, one of the participating church members, “because whenever someone stopped and asked about what was happening, we talked about our church and where it was located,” and an invitation to visit the church in the future for worship services.

One on-looker came close and accepted the invitation immediately to join the tea. “She told us she had asked God what to do because she felt lonely and sad with no friends,” Dulce continues, “and suddenly, she felt an urge to go the park. Shortly afterward she was being invited to join us at the tea social. We prayed with her and for her. She was happy to know God had showed her she wasn’t alone and had friends after all. It was a very special thing to witness and experience. We felt blessed and we long to do it again sometime soon. May all the glory be to God!”

Contributed by Dulce Mesquita, Women’s Ministries coordinator for the Queluz Seventh-day Adventist Church, Lisbon

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Winter 2018