Project VIVE

This evangelistic plan brings friends to tea, leads to Bible studies, and results in baptisms. Here's how!

Project VIVE is the missionary and evangelistic project of Women’s Ministries in Chile. It is a discipleship process for each Adventist woman to rescue a non-Adventist woman. She prays for a few weeks for that “friend of hope” (the non-Adventist woman), and then the friend is invited to participate in a “Tea with Friends” event held by the women of the Seventh-day Adventist church located nearest her.

“Tea with Friends” is a monthly event planned with the purpose that sisters of a local church have opportunity to meet with their friends of hope in a social setting. The environment is friendly and feminine. Relevant topics and spiritual themes are discussed. Guests are then invited to study the Bible with the women of the church.

During 2020 in Chile, about 200 VIVE projects were carried out. This led to 435 “friends of hope” being baptized because of “each one saving one.” Each woman acts as missionary and intercessor, attending to needs by visiting in person, if possible, or virtually during the pandemic, teaching the Word of God and leading to the baptism of her friend of hope. In this way women in Chile are discipling and hastening the coming of Jesus.

Women Sharing the Gospel with Women

In the various branches of God’s cause there is a wide field in which our sisters can render good service for the Master. [...] Among the noble women who have had the moral courage to decide in favor of the truth for this time, are to be found many who have tact, perception, and ability, and who can become successful workers. The labors of such Christian women are needed (Ellen G. White, Evangelism, p. 341).

The VIVE project is prepared with the objective of involving all female members in women’s evangelism through the method of Christ—a method that embraces hearts, meets needs, and creates genuine bonds of friendship for eternity. “VIVE” means “Illuminating lives with the gospel.” It has a powerful and simple tool in “Tea with Friends.” Our “friends of hope” become part of our lives through friendship and relationship. Each Adventist woman intercedes in prayer, attends, and spiritually prepares a friend who is not an Adventist, being her friend of hope.

The Chilean Union has 60,350 female church members, representing 57.9% of the total church membership. Having so many women, it is necessary to fulfill the work that the Lord has entrusted to us: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15, NKJV).

“Women of firm principle and resolute character are needed; women who truly believe that we are living in the last days and that we have a solemn message of warning to give to the world; women willing to engage in the important work of spreading the rays of light that heaven has shed upon them. When the love of God and His truth are a permanent principle in their lives, they will allow nothing to distract or discourage them from their work. In the fear of God, they will not be drawn away from the labors of His cause by the temptation of more lucrative or attractive activities or situations. They will preserve their integrity at any cost. These women will rightly represent the religion of Christ, and their words will be as apples of gold with figures of silver. Such women can do extraordinary work for God in many ways. He calls them to go into the field and reap the sheaves” (Ellen G. White, Daughters of God, p. 15.2).

PROJECT VIVE, “Tea with Friends”

Sisters of our Chilean Union interact with their friends of hope by:

  • Praying for a “friend of hope” (mother-in-law, mother, neighbor, co-worker).
  • Giving a gift (virtual card, chocolate, book, plant) when possible.
  • Inviting her friend every month to the “Tea with friends” held by her local church.
  • Sharing topics of interest during “Tea with friends,” making sure that her friend of hope feels comfortable and welcome.
  • Conducting and attending the women’s Bible study (Jesus, the Restorer of Life).
  • Inviting her friend of hope to join the women’s Bible study.
  • Inviting her friend of hope to participate in all the missionary activities taking place in her church.

Preparing for the monthly TEA WITH FRIENDS events

  • From the month of April to December 2021, the sisters and leaders of women’s ministry are organized to carry out in their local church the “Tea with friends,” at least monthly. The idea is to be constant and to generate in the friend of hope the interest to participate actively.
  • A dynamic, attractive, and interactive program is prepared each month.
  • What cannot be missing in “Tea with friends” is an affectionate and joyful welcome to the friends of hope, intercessory prayer, and meditation of the Word of God. For this we use “Homes of Hope and Healing” (10 topics), introductory videos, PowerPoint presentation, participant guide, and the agenda [leader’s guide], from an outreach resource prepared by the General Conference Women’s Ministries.
  • Every month our church sisters participate with their friend of hope in the “Tea with friends,” and they prepare spiritually with the women’s Bible study, “Jesus, the Restorer of Life.”

God calls us and invites us to work and pray for a friend. These women’s meetings or small groups have transformed the lives of many women who were without hope ... perhaps in darkness. Through the selfless work of our sisters, these women found peace and hope in the midst of pain, joy in the midst of tears, and light in the midst of darkness. We need to create new evangelistic strategies with the same essence, but that mark the lives of those around us who do not yet know about the Plan of Salvation.

Remembering that every detail can make a difference, our motto is “EACH ONE SAVING ONE.” In this way we will all be involved in the task of rescuing and saving souls for the kingdom of heaven. This is our opportunity as women to reach one more and soon see Jesus’s return.

Photo credit: Chilean Union Mission WM

Written by Waleska Blu Aguirre, director of Women's Ministries, Chilean Union Mission of South American Division (SAD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3

More information, Women's Ministries Day in Chile,